Being sick and tired of being sick and tired

Oh dear, it's been ages again since I dragged my lazy butt on here.. :D

But what can I say? Basically I'm working a lot and since there aren't too many concerts to go to I'm playing Dark Souls. (Almost done with the first game, yay!)

Currently I'm recovering from a bad flu and this is really exhausting to be honest..
I have been on sick leave for 2 1/2 weeks within the last 4 weeks. My doctor prescribed two different antibiotics to me and none of these made me feel any better. It's been on Thuesday that I have decided to go and see a special doctor for this.

Now I finally know what I'm dealing with! But since I already got two antibiotics he decided that it would be better to treat this with a few different things. Well, now I have to take five different sprays and pills, two times a day.

But I have to say that I'm already feeling a little better. I'm still very tired and weak, but in general things are going much better than in the weeks before.

I …

There's something on my face

So, last weekend it was finally time to try out my new makeup. I just want to let you guys know what I think about it after I have worn it during a show. :)

At first I was very sceptical because it still felt so sticky. Even after I applied the powder. And the sun was shining quite intense for a while and it felt like the makeup was melting away. In the end it was just a feeling, luckily. :D

Anyway, the end result was pretty much the same like the water make up. Not much of the color was removed and so there is nothing bad to say about this. Still, it feels different on the skin while wearing it. But I guess that's just a feeling one has to get used to. In the future I will probably use both kinds of makeup. Just gotta see what I feel like using in that specific moment.

And the funny thing is, I put on makeup on this one guy who asked really nicely. For him I used the water makeup and I was done soooo much faster. It was really interesting to see the differences. But like I said, …

What did I do?

A week ago I have been writing about my personal experiences with makeup by Grimas.
I only use these products to get my makeup for POWERWOLF shows done. Anyways, if you don't know what I'm talking about: You can read the post here!

For some reason I had the urge to do a video about this and here is the final result.

I hope that this video might be of any help for people who want to try it themselves but aren't sure where to get started. Please feel free to let me know what you think about this. :)

Hope you will have a great start into the new week!


Makeup is a girls best friend

This might not be the article you're expecting when you read the title. I don't wanna talk about this regular makeup stuff, even though I did buy quite a few things recently. (Yes, sometimes I like these kind of things as well.)

Anway, what I'd like to talk about is the makeup that I use during the Metal Masses.
It seems like many people would like to try it out themselves but don't know what to buy and how to get things done. So, in this article I would like to talk about my experiences in this topic.


Some people might be interested in what I have been doing all this time. I mean, I have been quite absent from social media of any kind. Well, here you'll get your answers!

First off all I have finally found a really nice job. I love doing this job! My colleagues are great, I enjoy the work and I do earn enough money to finally be independent. So, actually I'm working my butt off because I enjoy this so much. I would have never ever thought that I would ever find a job like this but luckily I did! :)

And that leads me to the next big change. I have moved to a nice little apartment in the heart of Hildesheim. I do enjoy living here even though everything is still so new and strange. Mostly there are advantages about this, but I'm still not entirely happy with this situation. I guess I will just need some more time and furniture.. :D

Last but not least I'm also going to quite a few concerts. Actually it's mostly POWERWOLF concerts I am attending. There is also a simp…

Yes, I'm a weirdo, a Concertweirdo!

By know you guys should know that I'm a little crazy, right? :D
I spent most of my money and freetime on going to concerts. Preferably those of my favorite bands. That's what I basically did in the last couple of months and that's also what I'm going to do in the future. And yes, this is my hobby and greatest passion.

Blessed & Possessed Tour pt. II - Sacred & Wild!

This really didn't take me forever to write. Please excuse my maxed out laziness!

Saturday, 02.04.16 - Clermont-Ferrand:
I am really not a morning person. Not at all. You can imagine how happy I was when my alarm woke me up at 5:00 am. Jesus fucking Christ, it should be forbidden by law to get up this early.
Anyway, I dragged my ass out of the bed and took a shower. Luckily I already packed my suitcase the night before. I just had to grab my stuff and leave for the train station.

Blessed & Possessed Tour pt. I - We are dead until dark

So, after the amazing weekend I have spent on tour with the brothers of the order of Ogan, it was about time to finally join the pack again. Big wolfish familymeeting ahead - Ahuuuu!

The Book Of Ogan Tour - All my children come to me

2016 has been pretty quiet for me up to now, concertwise. I actually did have plans to go and see AMORPHIS in Hannover, but somehow this didn't work out too well. Yea, that's just life being a bitch again, right? Anyway, back in 2015, more precisely in November, there has been this one big announcement I have been waiting for. ORDEN OGAN had announced that they would be playing their very first headliner tour in March/April 2016! And since these guys grew so close to my heart, I couldn't miss the chance to see them on their very own tour. So, soon after they announced this I bought my tickets for some of these shows.

Wolfsnächte pt. II - Wolves against the world

So, here we go people, the second part of my personal Wolfsnächte Tour is right ahead of you!
But be warned, there is a lot of text ahead. I still hope that you will enjoy this.